Switched to Shield TV from Raspberry pi, glad I did, but overscan?!


New member
Dec 17, 2014
Holy cow what an amazing difference switching to the shield has been. Kodi runs like ice on glass now.

ONLY issue Ive experienced is this overscan thing....my TV has always needed overscan adjustments in Kodi with raspberry pi, but with the ShieldTV, android only has this vertical and horizontal adjustment no diagonal....which doesnt seem to work very well.

I can adjust the vertical, but the arrows dont match...so the top arrow might be perfect, but the bottom arrow isnt right, and the same for the horizontal settings (Im talking about android ShieldTV here, not Kodi. You cant adjust each arrow individually, you can only adjust each *set* of arrows on one axis)

The kodi diagonal overscan settings were always perfect on Raspberry Pi, never any problems because you could adjust each corner arrow on 2 axes...but I cant get Kodi to fill the screen because I cant get android to fill the screen..

Other than that, I absolutely love my Shield. Highly recommended. I got mine refurbished on Amazon for $149