Thank you


May 5, 2012
Thank you, every bedroom in my house has a RaspberryPi, 1 of my bedrooms has got and android box, in my lounge I have an ATV2 and the only thing in common they have is a great bit of SW called XBMC :) If it wasnt for guys like Mikey1234, Eldorado, bstrdsmkr, tommo, umouch, bluecop, Tuxen, jarvis and countless others (If i have missed your name, I do not mean to offend):) Then I would still be paying lots of money a month for really poor tv, lots of repeats..

So thank you everybody for doing what you do and coming here to do it, so raise a glass in the air, 3 cheers for xbmchub and everyone who comes here joins in, even if you only come and make 5 crap post`s to get a furk code, you still made 5 posts so keep the post counts rising and keep joing in where you can.

Did we ever get a 3,000 member?

I have been away with the pain killers last couple of days, I think im still there.

hip hip horray


May 7, 2012
Emerald Isle
I'll have what you're having Jas0n!!!! But I do feel the same.
I was just thinking though, we do have a problem, I'm like you, I've two atv's my laptop and my dyno box on the way but I still only watch one tv at a time!!!
I've also set up about 20 people with their different setups and I think it's an addiction that's aided by this website. The hub is my dealer to my xbmc being my heroin but I'm not ever gonna kick the habit!
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