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Aug 31, 2016
Thanks so much for your Kodi for Dummies page and the great advice in your community forum! I got a new laptop and it came with the Kodi app loaded but I had no idea whatsoever to do with it. Your instructions were easy to follow and when I did run into an issue a visit to the forum quickly helped figure out what I was doing wrong.
I have visited this site before over the years looking for help with a TVMC program I had previously and I have to say that I have really noticed huge improvements to your articles and how-to pages, before I had a hard time following and now your information is better geared towards those of us that don't understand all the technical lingo but just want to get the program up and running.
Thanks again and I'll be sure to share your site and service with others.


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Nov 21, 2012
The Halls of Valhalla
Welcome aboard. I am glad to hear that you are finding the tutorials easier to follow. The admin is putting much effort in making the forum a better place for all.
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