The half circle


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Apr 1, 2016
Hello all, I've been with Kodi for several years but I have a question thats probably easier to do then what I've been doing. So I felt this would be the right place to post this question. I know how to add stuff and do other things with Kodi, but I have never found any thing to my problem, and maybe I should of come to the forum more.
Any way,, is there a way to (STILL STAY IN KODI) and make that half circle stop turning around when you cant get into a menu or sub menu?? After it has been turning for a good while, I know then the stream or menu won't come up. No matter what I do click on every button on the remote,I can't get to any of Kodi anymore. I'm just stuck there at the title. It dose not happen a lot, but hate it. I have to go into Amazon screen again by clicking on the home button and go to settings of the apps, and shut down Kodi and restart it. Then I can go back into Kodi. Or get mad and pull the fire box plug and plug it back in. Am I missing some thing or should I have come to this forum more often for the answer. Has Kodi done some thing I don't know about or is there a trick couple hold down buttons to do while in Kodi and not have to get out of Kodi??? Thanks all


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Nov 21, 2012
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Something is hanging in Kodi. Not necessarily the addon you are using at the time though. Best bet is to disable all your addons and test them one at a time. Re-enable one and use it for a while. If it's good, enable another and test. Do this until you find the culprit.
If this fails and you can't find the addon that hangs, reset Kodi and start fresh. Stay clear of builds and only install the one or two addons you can't live with.