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Jul 31, 2020
Hi all

I've been quite content, happily streaming away running Kodi on a couple MyGica boxes for a few years now but they were pretty much plug n' play as I was connected with a service called LoadMyAndroid when I bought my first box and would just subscribe for a month every time a new version of Kodi was released, update and carry on.

About 6 months or more ago, Kodi began prompting me to update from, I think, 18.5 but LoadMyAndroid have stopped all updates and services provided aside from accepting funds from customers expecting the service to be active.

Then, just a few months ago, popups for tvaddons began showing up on my screen so I was directed here and am hoping someone could point me to a similar yet active service or even a specific resource page that might hold my hand a little through a manual update.

I believe the latest version I'm now being prompted to update to is 18.8 and I'd love to do so as all my apps have been steadily declining in effectiveness and quality.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Jan 1, 2018
the declining od all your apps has NOTHING ro do with Kodi 18.5 till 18.8 ! Many addons are not being service by their developers, that is the risk off buying an all-in Box that "someone" keeps up to date. It is better to install Kodi 18.8 from and install only addons that are in the top-10 of the charts. Read on Kodicgroups wich apps they recomend and try them.It is not that difficult to keep addons and Kodi up-to-date, you will learn it very quick.
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