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foreverbad 81

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Mar 2, 2018
Hi could anybody tell me why I might be having the following problem. I have lists set up in trakt (Mine, My Wifes - Movies, TV Etc). my desire is to create a main menu item for say my movies then have a sub menu for each item in the list say for example main menu = my movies / sub menu = Thor Ragnarok - Justice League etc but when I link them in the most common tv/movie addon (name has been redacted here) or neptune some of the lists work perfectly in this way but others just won't show any which way I try. for example i have linked my wifes tv menu perfectly but when i do it for her movies i get to the trakt list but don't get any options for the items in the list (movies) like I do in the tv shows list. this is hit and miss across several lists and several trakt accounts, several add ons, several builds on windows and on android.

I have even tried downloading the movies onto a hdd and liking the files to a submenu item too but can only get to the lib folder not the individual items.

I just can't figure out why it works on some lists but not others when they are all exactly the same. I've now given this problem a good 24-30 hours and still no joy. Anybody got any idea? I'd really appreciate your help!


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