[Trick] add two extra skips (StepForward, StepBack) HOWTO


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May 19, 2013
most have come to this question.
I want to add an extra skip forward or a skip backward but the answer is always no you got 2 skips forward (30s 10m) and 3 skips back (30s 10m 7s), you can tweak these but can't add anymore.

I found a nice trick to get two extra skips, can either be both forward or both back. or one forward and one back. HOW?

you use this ActionIDs


AnalogSeekForward/SeekBack - Variable speed seeking for analog keys (stick or triggers)

These actions where designed for joysticks. but I learnt that you can map these to buttons and they will trigger a seek. BUT they are varaible if you keep them pressed it does a continious seek, not in steps. This initself is an amazing feature that no one knows about. also using analogseek pops up seekbar (top right) and places a llittle marker to see where your seeking (roughly). a better way to seek a movie using "visual" seek

okay but how do I get an extra seek?

I've learnt that if you do a quick press on analogseek it goes +/- 10 minutes and 23 seconds. This is the lowest amount it will seek +/-. (I believe it does it by a certain percentage, so a normal movie will give you roughly 10 minutes seek time)

since this is 10 minutes +- 20 seconds its effectively 10 minutes. so you replace this for "bigseekforward/back" with this. (analogseekback=-10 minutes 23 seconds, analogseekforward=+10 minutes 23 seconds) AND NOW you got two extra slots :D

not sure if people know this but just because it says BigStepForward does not mean it has to go forward, you can actually change the number to negative in advancesettings and get it to go back and the same applies to BigStepBack.

this way you got two extra skip choices. what do you think? nice little trick.

some might not follow what I have said but these pages might help

let me know if you get stuck


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May 19, 2013
I'm not sure if you understand what this does.

yes you can set the amount of time you can seek forware and backwards. there is 2 options for forward and 3 options for back.

this trick includes 2 extra options.

you can now set in total (2forward +3back +2either) 7.

example I have 2 buttons for +-10.23
1button for -20seconds
2buttons for +-60 seconds
2 buttons for +-180 seconds

this is not to alter your skips but to include 2 extra.

searching for a specified time on a movie can be a pain sometimes, having two more seek options is good for me anyway lol
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