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Nov 21, 2012
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Found this elsewhere and thought I would post it here. Kudos to the original poster for this fix.

It appears that during the changes in API at TVDB they changed the file names inside the .zip files that Ex*dus forks use to grab their data. Because of this change Ex*dus and its forks fail to read the data. The change is a very simple one. Instead of the files reading as 'en.xml' they are now ''. A simple replace all in indexers/ of the following should work:
Replace this:'%s.xml'
With this:''
The only issue I've had so far is no season artwork, but at least everything else is loading. So hopefully this will all be sorted in your favourite add-on's soon.
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Oct 30, 2016
Hmm, thanks. Did a trial run just editing the for Y*da. Found 3 instances that needed editing within the file. Saved, started Kodi, ran Y*da, still no dice. Oh well.


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Jan 3, 2016
That works - kinda sorta. Good enough for peacetime! The next show to watch isn't exactly up to date, but I suspect that is due to the comments they made over on TVDB that if you made any updates right before they want live with 3.0 they might now show up. Either way, I know what comes next and can pull it up from the episodes list. Took me FFE to find the file though!!
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