UFO builds error / Ex**us wont stream


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Jan 29, 2020
Preface this with I am a semi-complete idiot when it comes to dealing with tech stuff...
My Kodi isn't working any longer. When I get to the start page...an error popup says ufo builds error...check log for info. First off, WHERE is the log? cuz i sure as hell can't find it lol
Anyways, I go into Ex**us and even tho it will update the movies listings...or the tv series episodes....it won't play anything. I get an immediate error popup...check log for more info.


I can no longer get in touch with the guy who i bought my firestick from to fix it. I guess i need an update or something but have no idea how or what else might be wrong. Everything else on the stick works, it's just the Kodi


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Nov 21, 2012
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That is the main reason we recommend staying clear from builds. You need to remove kodi (and the build) completely. Once removed, reinstall kodi, install the free addons you cant live with and your problems will be solved.
Unfortunately we will not be able to provide help in I stalling grey addons.
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