unable to put any new addons


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May 25, 2018
Could somebody help me please. I have used Kodi for over 2 years and managed to learn how to install new addons and some other simple things. However recently there are almost not film links on any of the addons I have installed , even older one which only month of two ago had plenty of links. Is is normal nowadays, or there is something wrong with my settings? Also tried to install new XVBMC Repo for ******** and wolfpack repo as I always did. All seams to go well but then when I try to install from zip drive, there is nothing there? I don't understand what it going on. Please help. Should I uninstall kodi and install it again? or all this is normal?

Thank you for anybody who will find time to respond


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Nov 21, 2012
The Halls of Valhalla
Not sure about those addons as we do not support them. But keep in mind that addons come an go. If you don't have contact with the dev on Twitter or other location, you might want to google the status of that addon. You might also want to search for alternative for those addons see if you can find something that is more up to date.