Uninstalling and reinstalling tvaddons


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Jun 5, 2018
Hi. Probly the millionth time this has been asked but.. I feel like my entire kodi setup is less than optimal. But, in particular, tvaddons. I just feel like I didn't do it right. I dunno. Have been thinking of doing a 'reset' on my streaming box (matricom something-or-other).
A#1) how would I go about returning my box to where it just has kodi on it?
B#2) I know I've done it before. Not sure if it's right tho, what's the best way to reinstall tvaddons?
C#3) what effect will doing these things have on.. Like my viewing history or anything else I might miss if I do this reset?
Thanks for your help.


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Nov 21, 2012
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To do a full reset of Kodi, you will need a tool such as Indigo. It is in the TVAddons repo. If you do a reset of Kodi, you will have Kodi alone with no addons what so ever.
Reseting Kodi, you will lose everything but if you have a Trakt account on Trakt.tv, you will save all your watch history and lists if you created any.
Typing this:
how to reset kodi to original settings
in Google will yield many results that will help.