Unique Problem dealing with web browser for TVMC


New member
Mar 2, 2014
I have a unique situation in that i have sucesfully added tvmc to a sdcard for my Rasberry Pi 2 but the problem im running into is my internet access is based on a guest account that requires loging in from a web browser. There are no web browsers i see from the menu and i was wondering if there are some that i can manualy install to my tvmc distribution. I have loaded up TVMC alongside Rasbian on another sdcard and although it works because of the iceweasel [firefox ] browser i feel it lags on the TVMC / Kodi side due to running alongside a Rasbian Distro. I would prefer to use the standalone TVMC distro. I am somewhat a novice when it comes to installing and am familiar with linux, so im sorry if i placed this in the noobs section