Jan 9, 2013
Lancashire, United Kingdom
Hello all, I'm TerrorKeed by screen-name my python skills are still unripe and I'm still working to grow those i posted this update here because i like the work Eldorado carries out on URL-resolver add-on i hope on working with him someday and improve my experience with coding python & XBMC so it's also to notify that I'll posting some good/reliable and fast cyber-lockers that i find from the net and I've personally tested from the browser and they all seem very fast at-least more better compared to some of our current hosts in URL-resolver all this in a bid to sharpen my python skills and get to know Eldorado more and I've always fancied his work same goes for shani-08 i love the community and you guys all :)

Eldorado reminds me of BlueCop and other legendary XBMC coders of old, we've lost more of those good guys and i hope I'll be able to add to the list of few known good ones still available can't mention all names but if you're coder just know you're among and you're good :D