UrlResolver - Host Plugin - ShareRepo

Around line 75 of sharerepo.py it tries to use "except urllib2.URLError, e:" without having imported urllib2, might want to add
try: import urllib2
except: pass
into the import area or something.

PS: Thanks to wildbill visiting IRC for pointing out the host plugin to look into it.

Further look into it, the site looks similar to movdivx which also doesn't seem to work, video seems to be there on both hosts though, just not sure how to work that particular structure @ those 2 hosts to make a fix.
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Apr 21, 2013
Sorry about that. I added that import in my local copy, but missed it when manually entering the changes on github. Should have just cleaned my local copy and made the commit through git, not sure what I was thinking.

Movdivx is different though, it does import urllib2. I'll be sure to make time for testing and fix any errors I see.