Various addons show movies but no resaults? and some points..


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Mar 21, 2017
Hi I am new to Kodi.

my main problems are only 5

1 Lack of streams for found movies or [SALT] wrong movies played
I spent countless hours browsing for my favorite movies Salsa and Dance movies and the addons show plenty of results but rarely any streamers. Do I get more streamers if I sign up for some account real-debrid?

2 I find that addons have little or no description and that makes it sometimes a lot of work to find out what the addons does. I here by ask that this will be fixed :)

3 If I open addon and then back out of it I am put In the movies Category?
I use Rii mini keyboard and a pc w10. Am I doing soething wrong?

4 It is bad not to see the size of what you are streaming. My data plan some times goes through the roof with extra coast..

5 addons are broken or don't work I use K17.1

Other than that I love Kodi


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Apr 22, 2014
1. When an add-on 'finds' a movie, it only finds that the movie exists, and if possible grabs a poster and some info about the movie. At that point, it is not telling you that the movie has a stream that can be played by you.
Not every movie ever made has a stream available for you. Streams are available when a kind soul rips a movie from a source and then uploads it onto the internet. I assume "Salsa and Dance" movies would be a low priority for people willing to rip movies and upload them for your enjoyment. There is nothing you can do to change this, and it is not the fault of any particular add-on. Find alternative means to watch those movies where there is no stream available.

2. I doubt that will happen. Keep putting in the hard work yourself. It's the least you can do, no?

3. Don't have enough info from you to answer that. What add-on are you even referring to?

4. Add-ons can only occasionally display information about file sizes. Most of the time, it is up to you to discern approximate filesizes with the information the add-on CAN provide. If the file is a 1080p 5.1 Dolby rip, then assume it is going to eat into your data plan. Choose a 720p HEVC or SD file instead.

5. Don't use them and remove them from your system if they don't work. Or find out who the author of the add-on is and POLITELY ask if they may fix their add-on.

The entire Kodi ecosystem, both the development of the software (Kodi), and the development of the add-ons (both official and unofficial), is maintained and improved upon by volunteers. You need to lower your expectations of just how perfect your entire Kodi experience will be, and raise your involvement with regard to research and helping yourself if you wish to garner the best user experience you can from the software and add-ons.

Good Luck.