Video Add-Ons Wont load TV Show Sections


New member
Sep 18, 2013
I am just getting in to XBMC and so far it rocks! I have gotten down most of the basics and had everything set up perfectly. I was even able to add TV shows and Movies from Add- Ons like 1Ch**nel to my Library for quick and easy access. However, just a few days ago I noticed none of the TV show streams would load anymore. I went directly into the 1 channel add on and tried accessing tv show streams from there and no luck. It would not even load the list off all the shows. I tried it with the movies section and it worked fine. I tried another add on like Ic*f*lms and same thing. Unable to load the TV show section but the movie section worked normally.

I tried deleting and reloading the add ons but the TV Show sections still would not work on any of the add ons. I even did a complete uninstall and re-install of the whole XBMC program and still the same problem. Any one have any idea on how to fix this or has this ever happened to anyone else?