Request VPN and lack of sources


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Sep 14, 2015
Hi there, I have just subscribed and installed expressvpn on my nvidia shield as I wasn't getting many sources when searching for videos, I believe it's all set up correctly but I still do not seem to be getting many sources and the Ines I do get are the likes of openload, vshare and another one that expects me to visit a web site to pair with my device? I've set up my vpn to make it look as if I am in the USA (I'm from the uk), but out of 100 sources I may get 2 that work, at the moment they are kattv-entervideo and series9-rapidvideo, if they do not some up I can't watch the program. So my question is, is my vpn not set up correctly which is stopping me from getting sources that work, or is there something not right with my kodi installation which I need to fix to receive more reliable sources?
Thanks for reading 😊
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