VPN Problem Gbox MX2


New member
Jan 22, 2014
Pontypridd, South Wales
I have posted this elsewhere on the forum, however i think this is probably the best place to re-post in order to get some help.

I have set up this VPN on my Matricom Gbox MX2, however although i can connect to the VPN i can not access any webpage including any movies/tv series on XBMC (Kodi).

The VPN shows that i am sending and receiving data but for some unknown reason i just can not connect to the internet. If i close the connection everything reverts back to normal and i can connect without any problems.

Does anyone else have this issue and does anyone have a fix for it so i am able to use xbmc using the VPN? I am currently using Gotham.

Any assistance with this will be very much appreciated