Request VPN setup on a jetstream box (Android) using PIA as my VPN


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Jan 29, 2016
First off, thank you for reading.

I just purchased a VPN from PIA. I have downloaded the software on my computer and now I am trying to use it on my Jetstreambox. On the Jetstream, I can go to a windows tile app at start up and select Google Play. I have downloaded the PIA app from there and it does show and reads "connected".

The issue I'm having is that I've connected my Jetstreambox to the internet and run the setup with my router info. (all at the start up screen) Where can I configure this to use the VPN?

Once in XBMC/Kodi

I've tried the OpenElec Addon from MetalKettle's repo, followed instructions and to no avail.

When I go to systems and check my internet settings I see my actual IP Address and not the one I selected under the PIA App in the Windows area.

Does XBMC/Kodi allow or benefit from this sideload? (Is what I've described a sideload?)

I've read up on installing PIA on my router but I would like to keep this as simple and inexpensive as possible. As my router has Fios and it just seems complicated.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.