Request Wanted: Animated Graphics

So here's an interesting request. I'm looking for some animated .gif graphics to use in some screensaver(s) addon(s). I've released a couple screensaver addons to my repo after playing around with the idea to get something out there as sort of an example. There's one with some neon stars, and another with some snow scenes.

I'd like to see about doing some screensavers with some original art. I haven't seen how to do them in photoshop myself, which is too laggy for me atm. I have scene how to make adjustments, with GIMP, to some animated gifs I've found to make them work out. XBMC/Kodi does have some quorks when it comes to animated gifs. First of all they have to be found locally, remote ones load as still images. I've setup a system in my screensaver addon(s) already to deal with downloading them first before using them, in some cases. You can test out any you make by copy/pasting or typing the local path/filename to the graphic in the custom url in addon settings of one of my screensaver addons.

Anyways, I'm looking for an array of different sorts to use. I'm not sure how much anyone would QQ about doing one for Kodi or XBMC artwork, so I'll probably pass on that for now, although it would be nice to see. I would like to see some old fashioned XBMCHUB animations as well as for the new TVADDONS brand, with TVADDONS (all caps) or or Shouldn't be as hard to get an OK out of Showgun, EleazarCoding, and the rest as it might be to get an OK from Kodi. If you want you can mix some stuff in for some different holidays (current and not). Might be nice to see some winter holidays, Valentines, Easter, Thanksgiving, summer and spring seasonal stuff thrown in on some of them.

On a side-note, they'll need to keep the whole image in each frame, rather than just the changed parts in new frames. Also, to be made in some easily scalable ratio.

It would also be nice to get some original snow-falling artwork, some neon signs with different messages, funny or not... with different neon colors. Also anything you might think would be interesting to have as an animation on a screensaver. Maybe even some XBMCHUB / TVADDONS / HUB-HUG Movement scenes with a sort of Operating System bootup arched bar or something.

Anyways feel free to upload them to or somewhere and toss me a link below or catch me on in #TVADDONS on IRC Chat or something.


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Sep 3, 2013
Am not right into making gifs but I have a couple of football wallpapers in the link below. (jpeg)
If they,re any good your more than welcome to download them for use. :D
Or if your after one in a certain team maybe I could put something together for you?

Sorry couldn,t help with the gifs, But am not very good at them. :(
But likewise to the sentence above if any images are any good for you to use your more than welcome to them. :)
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I can see about making one cycle through a list of logos (provided by anyone) or a few or more images for a given team if you have some / can find some. Images can be 1 animated gif, multiple animated gif's on a timer, or multiple still images on a timer. so long as the filesize of the images and other files for the addon stay below 10mb or images are small enough files (most likely jpg) to be downloaded as needed.