Website advertising Free TV or Movies vs XBMC


Sep 21, 2014

Later, I was checking some streaming websites some of them are already on XBMC.

Some of them other than the ones that are in XBMC, are trying to push some viruses, or are asking you to install some weird video player or fake Flash player upgrade or Java HD upgrade, all of this is junk, they just want to infect your computer.

Also they advertise all the same kind of product make quick cash with binary stuff, or scan or improve the speed of the computer.

That being said, you will be more secure with XBMC and all their add ons.

You have plenty of sources to watch a Movie or a TV Show, also you can choose the resolution that you will like to watch.

Also streaming is safe because copyrights are respected.

So you better use XBMC than other way to watch TV or Movies.