Welcome back everybody


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Aug 3, 2017
Hey folks, really good to have the forum back. Many people were seeking asylum elsewhere and I hope they'll find their way back here. It would be good to have some valuable content restored, such as librtmp / inputstream.rtmp and superceleron threads.

Thanks for all the hard work.



Oct 26, 2015
OK I just saw my old account is still working ... so, again, great to be back here :)


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Jan 31, 2015
When everyone was in a panic, I posted comments to TorrentFreak and also here. There were so many reasons the lawsuit was total nonsense and I tried to explain it. I am a lawyer with a lifetime of litigation experience. Since you shut down and came back up, I don't see my posts. That's OK. I hope at least someone remembers what I said. Keep calm - and welcome back. Now can we get ******* and ********* back up. What is an infringing addon in your minds. I know what the highest court in the EU decided, and unless you are actually hosting source infringing content, you are doing nothing illegal, no matter what copyright attorneys may claim. Yes, the super-wealthy companies send out armies of green, eager neophyte lawyers to scare people, but you never saw major copyright firms in this suit. The day you know you're really facing serious shit is when the lawsuit is filed in New York by top copyright litigation firms, and that ain't happening, for so many reasons. A ton of people are ready to offer their opinions on a subject they don't know anything about. If your addon simply scrapes content that is hosted by someone else and is readily available on the Internet, those little twerps should be chasing the actual pirates. Oh, and sad for them, they are just never going to stop that. Simply, the greedy copyright owners (almost always the major companies that produce, market, and distribute the content) saw the enormous markets that would turn them into zillionaires and masters of the universe. That was never intent of copyright laws, which have gotten wildly out of hand and out of control. Just humbly adding an opinion based on more than 35 years of litigation experience. Kudos to everyone that hung in there and didn't panic.


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Nov 21, 2012
The Halls of Valhalla
What is an infringing addon in your minds.
Welcome back silvanet.
An infringing addon is one that is in the grey zone. Basically, anything that can stream pirated content. I know it is not illegal as long as TVA is not hosting the addons themselves but, at least for now, we are keeping with the 100% legal content.


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Jan 6, 2015
Once again, I'm a little slow out of the gate, but so glad I checked my twitter account today.. Great to have you all back. Like someone else said, would of been easy to pack it in and say ya gave it the ol' college try. When you think of how many hours have been devoted to this, who wouldn't be worried about it being wiped out. But here you are willing to keep at it.. Takes special people to do that, and I sure appreciate that a lot of those special people are here.. Here's to the next go round..


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Sep 26, 2015
Yeah! I'm back baby! It was nice to find that my old login information was ported over from the original forum.


Nov 2, 2015
After Eleazar Coding's post about the actual state of the take down of TVA I decided to login and show my support. I sure do miss the old site...with all the great coders that dwelled here and the general friendly atmosphere. Hopefully we'll see the same again once the paranoia subsides a bit and people start logging back in.

A toast to the good ole days and a brighter future for TVA after this legal thuggery is over.