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Feb 29, 2012
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Welcome To XBMC HUB!

We, of course, are so happy that you have decided to join the forum, our community, and the discussion. If you you are reading this, you are likely unaware of a few things that you NEED TO KNOW!

IF YOU NEED SUPPORT (in this order)

1) Search the forum FIRST!
  • Your issue has been discussed before, I PROMISE
2) Read from the BEGINNING of a thread. If you do:
  • You will find that your question HAS BEEN ASKED BEFORE.
  • You will find that your question HAS BEEN ANSWERED BEFORE.
  • You will learn more NEED TO KNOW information, that helps in the long run
3) You need to READ THE HELP SOURCES prior to posting!

4) If you need to POST for SUPPORT:
  • Click this link to watch HOW TO POST A LOG FILE
  • If possible, your Post Should Match This Format (Copy/Paste the text below and fill in the needed information)


    Summary: (describe the issue)

    What steps will reproduce the problem?
    1. (How would we)
    2. (reproduce)
    3. (your error)

    What is the expected output? (what are you expecting to see)
    What was your actual output? (error message or result)

    Posted Log file: (place your LOG link here)

Post in the CORRECT section.
  • Each ADDON has its own SubForum
  • Do not post the same problem in multiple places!
  • These sections are created so that the right folks can see the question... this is FOR YOUR BENEFIT!
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