Well Analogue question really in a Digital world


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Apr 8, 2018
Back in the days of analogue the most annoying form of Encryption to plague VHS was Macrovision where copyright protection was in it's infancy.
I have just discovered a 10 box series of classic BA aircraft covering Concorde, VC10 and Tristar to name a few. Unfortunately these are not available
on DVD. Yes I know I could use a PC and a capture card but I still have a Sony VCR and a Liteon 5006 DVDR all in perfect working order. What I am looking
for is an old video Stabilizer, a Macro +, a Grex or any of the clones made by Maplin. If anyone has one of these lying around I would be very interested.
I know I could buy a new Grex for a small fortune from the USA or even flash the chip in the DVDR but surely someone has one lying in a dusty corner.
Thanks for reading.
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