Request What is desperately needed is a Souped Up Simple IPTV Client!


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Apr 7, 2017
The biggest issue with Simple IPTV client is that you are really at the mercy of a provider for channels and EPG info and can't really add other sources not included by the provider to the channels or the guide.

Echo Guide is a very good alternative that provides full listings but mapping sources is quite a chore and requires you to hunt through dozens of addons to find the right corresponding source. Mapping an IPTV provider to it's listings can take hours if they provide a good number of channels.

I would like to see an upgraded fork of Simple IPTV PVR client (Complex IPTV PVR?) that beefs up the Channel and EPG section to allow us to use a service like Schedules Direct (in the same way Next PVR) does for EPG and add custom addon channels (In the same way EchoGuide does) to the lineup in addition to importing the channel lineup from your IPTV provider.

Settings would include parameter for IPTV subscribed Provider Channel list and EPG data (URL or File).
Channel Manager would allow customizing channel layout (same as Simple IPTV does now) but would allow you to create and add channels that can be mapped to addons (same way EchoGuide and other 3rd party EPG addons allow) or via M3U links and inserted and moved into the desired channel order.

For the EPG
Select a channel, Select EPG source, input the zipcode it originates from if needed and select the proper channel listing for that channel.
Sources should include, Provider created EPG list, Schedules Direct, and Custom XMLTV.xml file. This would be set on a Per Channel basis!

Having this capability would be a major boon to those cord cutters who want the same cable tv experience with a proper guide and all the channels they have listed and clickable.
Especially in the case of non-savy users who really don't or cant remember which addon supports which live channel or have services that is poor at providing good EPG data.

And while it would be nice to add local recording capability to it as well it's not a major problem for me since I can get those episodes in the addons on demand.

Better to leave that for later.

I just wish I had a comprehensive guide that shows all my available live content and lets me add channel sources so I can have it all displayed in one handy and complete guide I can use to navigate and select what I want to see.
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