What is the 2018 newest and best device to buy to watch kodi

Carrie Darrington

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Jun 5, 2017
Im looking to buy a new box to view kodi because the last one i bought was not the latest up to date box i thought it was.
Please advise what to look for in a device so i can get the newest available and not have to turn around and keep buying and building new ones


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Nov 21, 2012
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The very best box is by far a nVidia Shield. Pricey but a great box. If you are in the US you could also get a Mi box from Walmart. a great little box for the bucks.


Nov 4, 2015
The Shield is a overkill in price if your not a gramer,i read the Vorke is just as fast as the shield for kodi and a faction of the cost,and i heard all good things about the T95Z PRO.thanks
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Dec 20, 2013
When you say your box "was not the latest up to date box i thought it was" if you are just talking about the Kodi version, you can update that yourself. Maybe you don't even need a new box. If you mean it does not properly play the content you are trying to watch, then you should look for a new box.

My problem with the Mi box is they don't have an Ethernet port (which is a requirement for me). When shopping for a new box, look for nearly any box with the RK3399 processor in it, and that will be very good performance. For cheaper but still pretty good performance, look for boxes with the S912 processor.

Of course how much you need to pay will also partially depend on the content you will be viewing. If you will be primarily watching 4k content on a 65in Sony OLED HDR TV, then you should probably get a higher end box. If you are buying the box for the bedroom on a 32in 720p TV then any old cheap box will do just fine.