What is the best air remote for xbmc


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Feb 29, 2012
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depends on your platform....

In my experience... which has been extensive as I am crazy for remotes.... They best (IN THE HAND) is the MELE F10 and/or MELE F10 PRO. They are both available on amazon and they have the unique feature of being able to turn the mouse on or off. THis is great for XBMC.

  • NO AIRMOUSE IN XBMC - instead i use the dPAD side of the remote.
  • In netflix, or other mouse only apps, I am able to use the airmouse function
  • Full keyboard
  • rechargable battery
  • Feels like a real remote control... not like holding a mini keyboard or soething

My Two Cents


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Mar 24, 2013
I use the rii mini n7, and it even works with windows 8
the battery lasts a long time
and its even got a led light keyboard for when u are in the dark
its also got a dpad.
the only thing i dont like is that i have to toggle the on/off switch frequently to preserve battery
supposebly it shuts off by itself, but i rather shut it off manually
will try to let it shut off by itself and report if it drains the battery or not


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May 30, 2013
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I tried several different IR remotes from e-bay and Amazon. I like using my iPhone 4s the best. It works fine on the Raspberry Pi, both my computers, Linux and Windows, but couldn't make it work on the G Box Midnight MX2.