What skin are you using?


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Jun 10, 2014
There's a WIP skin for Fire TV and it's very interesting in my opinion


Unfortunately it's not available to test yet. I always come back to Aeon Nox because I think the Fan art sets it apart from many others, but sometimes you want to change things up. Amber actually comes close to replicating the Fire OS UI if you set it as vertical but I found it to be lacking a little. The other day I tried Transparency and was very impressed. It had everything I like such as options for vertical menu, keep the video playing visible in background and many bells and whistles and it ran well the 2 days I tested it but it fell short in one area--there's no option I found to use your library fan art on the home screen, which makes no sense to me because it offers so many extras like animated logos and fan art.
I tried pushing a Aeon Nox mod which wound up being a huge file at around 400 mb. I had tried it awhile back with gotham. Sort of like Aeon Nox on steroids, but it was incompatible with Helix on fire. At least that's the error I got.
So for now, I'm back to AEON and I'm not complaining but curious to hear what others are using???