What's a reliable Site to stream sports or movies?

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Apr 29, 2021
Dear friends, if you are looking for reliable streaming sites, I can only offer you advice on the IPTV I am using now. (link removed by RavRob) and (link removed by RavRob), they have more than 5 years of professional experience, provides a powerful, easy-to-use OSD menu application.

More than 1000 precious live channels and 3000 imported films and TV shows (VOD).

Owns FAV Group and 7DAYS EPG (with different tire types).

Full HD graphics for all channels.

Reliable IPTV service, no buffering and freezing required (stable Internet required).More imported sports and events.

More than 200 key channels are available for 7 days without worrying about jet lag.

More than 40 hours of PVR features are available for catch-up channels and you won't miss any sporting events.

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