What's your team and why?


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May 10, 2012
The Blue Nowhere
With the (proper) football season starting to get into full swing and imho the worlds second best sport American football just starting I thought I'd ask the above question.
For me its quite simple, as a child of South West London there were two things indoctrinated into me from birth, the first was an irrational/tribal love of Chelsea Football Club, as daft as it may sound to non sports fans that night in May when Chelsea were crowned European Champions will forever be one of the best and most memorable nights of my life!
The second is an almost equally irrational hatred of all things Tottenham! Pretty much anything else in my life my family and peers have given me free reign to make my own mind up but those two things have been part of my pshyche since I can remember lol.
The only other team that can come remotely close to my support of Chelsea is The Ohio State Buckeyes football team,
I've always enjoyed American football but never really had any affinity with the teams until my two dear friends from Columbus introduced me to Buckeye football, since knowing them I've been known to stay up all night watching The Buckeyes shouting blue murder at the tv,
I've also been fortunate enough to see a few games in The Horseshoe.