Which brand of USB flash thumbdrive for Crystalbuntu is everyone using????


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Jan 8, 2013
Tried loading Crystalbuntu onto my ATV1 last night.


After creating the USB thumbdrive, I plugged it into my Apple TV and plugged the power cable in. It didn't boot into the thumbdrive, but instead booted into the normal apple OS.

For some reason It didnt seem to like my "new" Toshiba TransMemory 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive (Model PFU008U-1ACW) so I tried a very old Memorex 4GB thumbdrive I had lying around and that worked??

I already had purchased 2 of the new thumbdrives to do both my ATV1's, I guess I'll have to use them for other stuff.

My question is what USB flash thumbdrives are everyone using????????

I have my ATV's to do and a few I set up for friends. I don't want to go out and have to do trial and error just to find out what works and get stuck with with a bunch i really don't need.



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May 30, 2013
Antelope Valley California
I don't know what everybody is using but I can tell you what I have used. First of all, I always get name brands, and pay a bit more for them. I have never bought any generic or low cost memory, and hope that has avoided problems. My SD cards I have been using Sandisk and Transcend, both with good results.

On the USB. I have tried some 2.0 Transcend and they worked fine. I have upgraded to 3.0 USB. I use Sandisk, Kingston, and tried one called Patriot XT. all of these seem to work equally.

When I first started I had a budget power supply from e-bay, and I think that was the cause of all my problems. Then I got a Motorola PSU that is rated at 5VDC @ 2 Amps, and that seemed to end just about every problem. The next issue that really seemed to help, especially with overclocking was to use OPENElec. I did add the heat sinks and a exhaust fan so heat is not an issue at all.

I found some of the cheaper SD cards from e-bay, mostly class 4, were causing problems, so I started getting the best of the best. My Raspberry Pi has been going strong for over 3 months now! Reading the posts on this site have got me to where I am along with trial and error, experimenting and so on. I used to keep a TV to watch while I played around with Raspberry on a 2nd TV! Now, all I have to do is figure out what I am going to watch, and the Raspberry is always ready and working fine.

XBMC HUB Team has been really good at providing help to me, and others. Reading just about everything here has been a tremendous help. This is just what I have done, and tried, others have different ways of how they came up with their configuration. This is agreat hobby and fun.