wifi issues

Will Fielding

New member
Feb 9, 2015
morning all

I recently purchased a combo deal from ebay including the raspberry pi2 Openelec SD card with USB wifi dongle etc etc

Everything is set up OK but openelec and kodi are not detecting the wifi , I have set it up with wired and everything is fine but with wifi only there are no wireless connections in the openelec settings to click on and connect to.

I really need for it to be wifi (ie wireless) I have searched the internet and ticked all the boxes to get the correct set up but there is never anything to connect to.

so I am looking in system -openelec -settings and then connections and with the wifi dongles inserted and glowing blue there is nothing to connect to

Is there anything that I am missing ? Do I need to activate the wifi dongle somehow or is it just plug and play (it didnt come with any instructions

Is the dongle not working ?, it came as a combo deal so it should be compatible otherwise everyone will have the same issues and the seller will get loads of bad reviews

Please help

Thanks all
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