Will system settings in kodi 16 affect the operation of my home page


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Apr 28, 2016
First off I am very glad I found this site. I am a new kodi user, and this is my first post. My situation is that when on my Home page and use HBO-GO app and start to watch a movie, then leave the movie after 30 minutes I can go back and it will resume. However if I go to kodi for any reason, then go back to Home and to HBO-GO the movie will not resume.
I did make sure system>settings>video>file tools>file lists>Default select action was set to resume.

When I go back to kodi even re-booting I can resume a movie from there.

Will what I do in kodi affect operations on my home page, or are the two pretty much separate, like two different browsers?

I hope I have explained myself clearly.

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