Windows 8.1 BRIX Gigabyte GB-BXBT-2807 happy


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Jan 9, 2015

I just installed Kodi on new (to me) Celeron BRIX. Very satisfied so far. Replacing Minix Neo X7-mini.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this hardware, though I had read satisfaction posts. The ONLY time I notice any issue so far was when Windows wanted to do MEGA updates just after install. Since then, Kodi flows just as smooth as silk. The Android X7-mini was fun, but the memory architecture is JUST TOO DANG SLOW for any web browsing. Kodi worked fine on the X7-mini, except when it wanted to update the metadata and gave the Kodi busy version of the "spinning beachball". I'm looking forward to a better overall HTPC experience with the Windows BRIX, and it is SWEET to have Kodi respond so fluidly!

The investment is apples-to-oranges. You really need to spend at least $175 to get the BRIX up. It sells for around $100 with no memory and no HDD. By comparison, I got the Minix Neo X7-mini last year for $99 and needed to add nothing (but a better wireless keyboard). The X7-mini/X-8/Other Android system works well, and I recommend this to the newbs. For me, this is my third system (GoogleTV Revue a pleasant first), and I was willing to pay a premium AND I new which components were "bumming me out" so to speak. Probably I will buy a RaspberryPI at some point to make the comparison to the $35 system...

I may choose to install Linux at some point. (I have no particular attachment to Windows, I just happened to have a spare Windows laptop HDD laying about from installing an SSD for my niece.) If I do, I will lose the Wif/Bluetooth adapter that came with the BRIX, as there is no Linux driver to date for this particular card. So far I haven't even used the Wifi card. I am using Ethernet and a USB wireless keyboard. I expect even better performance from a lightweight Linux install. We'll see, no particular rush or need as yet.

As it happens, I bought this BRIX on Ebay with 8GB RAM. Way overkill, but I was curious for various reasons. (The Celeron memory controller only does 4GB, so I wanted to verify Gigabyte included a memory controller on the MOBO.) It gets to Desktop in about 25s with a SATA-II port, 5600rpm HDD. I plan to create a RAMDISK for Kodi files that get lots of use. I have the RAM, so why not?

I do not think heat is an issue. It seems to run around 70*C even under heaviest load.

So...? I am tremendously pleased. Feel free to ask any questions I may not have covered.. Or to chime in on whatever.



Jun 2, 2013
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Good to see people reaching out for alternative boxes and spending some money. I applaud your choice here.

Good for You!

Ps I have a meegopad coming tomorrow - windows 8.1 on a Stick!
I have some tricks up my sleeve for this little bugger! Will post about it soon.


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May 10, 2012
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For anyone in the UK wanting one of these they are £84:99 at the moment in Maplins:-

add on another 60 odd quid for RAM and a small SSD and you'll get yourself a very good XBMC box