XBMC with Chromecast and Google TV???


New member
Jun 10, 2014
I just bought my son a Chromecast. I love it but he kinda doesn't see the point since he can already gets a lot of stuff on his TV already. Looking around it doesn't seem possible to stream xbmc from iPad with chrome cast, but I'm hoping my son's Sony Google TV might be the wild card (not a stock android device but has play store and runs quite a few apps like avia.)
When I tried setting it up I plugged the Chromecast into hdmi input then ran an hdmi out to the TV. The setup seemed promising at first. The Google TV recognized chromecast as a cable TV provider in the "Live TV" window. But I didn't get much farther than that. I'm willing to fork over the 3 bucks for Avia if someone can tell me this setup might work. And by "setup" I'm actually assuming anything positive will occur.
My thoughts are I'll install Avia with chromecast hooked up to the GTV. Run the program and be able to see XBMC as an option to go to in Avia. It doesn't seem like lots of people have tried this but I've got a decent chance of finding one of those people here or at least someone who can tell me why it won't work. Thanks.