Yet another Cache question - Tuxen, can you help


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Jun 5, 2013
Ok, as has been mentioned before I have certain problems with certain files when trying to stream on my PI using things like MashUP and 1Ch**nel

My internet speed is around 4MB

SD content is fine, plays with no trouble, HD content plays also UNLESS said HD content has a 5.1 soundtrack

Now my advanced settings file is as follows


















But I dont think that the cache part works on my PI

Here is my experiment / tale

If I run my PC with XBMC and the above cache settings I can a short delay with 5.1 related HD content (probably 5 to 10 seconds) - I can see the grey bar build up a short while, then the video plays fine and the cache continues to build up ahead

On the PI however this does not happen, the PI shows no attempt to cache, even after 5 to 10 minutes

However it does cache on SD material

Any idea why this would be ?