Yet another new Member!


Feb 20, 2014
Nice to be here! This looks like a great place to learn about XBMC!

I'm a recent convert and have been running PlayOn Media Server for years. With the addition of several new Android devices and a new Ugoos UT2 on it's way I decided to update my home video streaming and was amazed at the advances XBMC has made since the last time I looked at it, which was over a year ago. So it's now installed on an old laptop, just for the time being and a Tronsmart T428 (TV Stick) and my Asus TF700 tablet. Once I get the UT2 in and connected and setup I'll migrate from PlayOn to XBMC and install it on my desktop PC. I've installed MySQL and have even managed to link the NAS folders to all three, Laptop Serving and the T428 and Tablet as clients.

So I'm off and running and can't wait to watch the Three Stooges in bed! ;)