Youtube Playlist videos as STRM files


New member
May 6, 2012
There are several youtube channels that offer movies for free and legally. Most of the times these are offered as playlists. I am looking to create a batch script that does the following.

  1. Read Youtube Playlist and get the list of Video Ids (I am able to create the list without any problem)
  2. Parse the list into separate strm files with url to work with youtube plugin (able to create a strm file but not able to get the plugin format since it has special characters & and my batch script is failing)
  3. create a folder for each so we can get artwork (able to create folders for each file)

I am stuck at writing the file in step 2 with the following format


I tried several options but sometimes it works and sometimes throws an error or only writes part of it.

I am trying to do this using batch script and i am wondering if we can do achieve this in a python script easily. Any help in this regard is greatly appreciated.