Help Wanted: We’re Hiring a Volunteer Anti-Piracy Compliance Officer

Help Wanted: We're Hiring a Volunteer Anti-Piracy Compliance Officer

Are you passionate about open source software? Do you feel strongly against illicit online piracy? Do you have any past work experience as a lawyer, paralegal or law enforcement officer? If you feel like you reflect this description, we want to hear from you! The only catch is that this is an unpaid volunteer position.

Since DMCA protections are not internationally recognized, in addition to the recent trend of the DMCA being ignored altogether, we are looking to implement protocols in order to ensure that we will never again be liable for the actions of end users, developers, nor the sites they scrape.

Potential candidates must be capable of working independently from the rest of our team in order to maintain the strictest level of objectivity. We cater to people from all around the world. Addons scraping foreign language sources have been particularly difficult to assess, so bonus points if you’re linguistically gifted.

We understand that we’re asking a lot, and that if you meet our criteria you probably have a pretty sweet day job. This position might however look good on your resumé.

Lastly, we’ll require that you sign an NDA and pass a standard background check. That being said, we look forward to welcoming you aboard our little ship.

Applicants should send their CV to [email protected] – incude your opinion on general purpose technologies being used for unlawful means, in 5 sentences or less.

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