Win an Amazon Fire TV: Share Our New Web Site Address

Win an Amazon Fire TV: Share Our New Web Site Address

Scroll down for the contest! Since most of our users probably have no clue that we’ve moved to a new domain name, we’re hoping that everyone will step up and help us get the word out. We were fortunate enough to have been offered an Amazon Fire TV to give away in order to further incentivize people to spread the new URL to as many people as possible. TV ADDONS has been providing a great service to people for years, and we plan on continuing to do so and growing beyond what we previously were, but right now we could really use everyone’s help.

We’ve put together an Amazon Fire TV giveaway through Gleam, which is a simple widget that allows you to perform multiple social shares at once, giving everyone the opportunity to help us virally spread the word through multiple social networks. Even if you don’t need to win an Amazon Fire TV, we’d really appreciate if you’d participate because it will really help spread the word much more effectively as a collective. It will only take a second to participate, you won’t have to fill out any forms or anything, just click the buttons in the widget below.

This contest already started, and will end at midnight on August 22nd in the New York time zone. Good luck to all participants, and thank you again for your support over the years!

Win an Amazon Fire TV: Share the New TV ADDONS Site Address

Once again, we’d like to extend our gratitude to you for participating here and helping us spread the word, it sucks that we have to rebuild from scratch, but at least with some help it will be easier than it was to build this community originally at least.

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