Lending a Helping Hand to the Unofficial Kodi Addon Community

Lending a Helping Hand to the Unofficial Kodi Addon Community

Now that we’ve been in existance for quite a number of years, providing endless entertainment to millions, we felt that it was about time that we ask our enormous userbase to pitch in a helping hand wherever possible. We’re a peer based community web site that exists solely because of the work individual members have put in towards the greater good.

Please take your time to read through the options below and see if there’s anything you can do to ensure the continuous growth and prosperity of our community well into the future.

Most of the options listed below don’t require any technical knowledge whatsoever!

1. Answer Questions in the Forums – simple enough, just browse through the forums and see where someone is looking for help!

2. Share on Social Media – pick a page of our site that you find useful, and share it on Facebook or Twitter. There are actually social media sharing buttons at the bottom of every page of our site. If you’re unsure what page is best, just share our homepage so that your friends can enjoy our stuff as much as you do.

3. Make a Donation – we’ve setup several methods of donating towards server costs and upgrades, if you can afford it please feel free to do so, every little bit counts.

4. Write a Guide – there’s always a topic that needs to be covered in a guide, just post it to the relevent section of our Forums and private message a staff member to sticky it, perhaps we’ll even feature your guide on our blog.

5. Post Reviews on Other Forums – surely members of other forums you’re registered at would be interested in gaining access to endless entertainment too!

6. Link to Us – if you run your own web site or blog, feel free to give us a link back, it would be greatly appreciated.

7. Help Translate Addons – since our developers don’t speak every language in the world, we could really use some help translating popular add-ons into various languages, it’s very simple and fun do to in your spare time.

8. Develop an Addon – every developer started somewhere, if you already have a bit of knowledge of Python or PHP, you’re already half way there. It might seem complicated, but once you dive into it, you’ll be addicted. Check out our Developers’ Forum for mentorship.

9. Submit an Error Log – if you think there’s a problem with something that we might not have noticed, please feel free to Post the Error Log in the appropriate section of our Forums so that someone can assess the situation adequately.

10. Contribute Anything Else – hardware, professional services, gift cards, anything you’d like to give us will likely be accepted, just get in touch to let us know what you’ve got.

Now in addition to enjoying everything our community has to offer, you can help out too, no excuses now that you’ve read the above. All kidding aside, there’s no necessity to contribute, but if you have the free time or the resources, your help would definitely be very much appreciated by everyone here.

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