The Dirty Tactics Used by Copyright Bullies to Undermine Kodi Addon Development

The Dirty Tactics Used by Copyright Bullies to Undermine Kodi Addon Development

Ever since we had our original domain name and social media accounts seized without trial last year, copyright bullies have become more aggressive in their efforts to undermine the Kodi community through lawsuits, fear tactics, and misinformation. We all must stand together and push back the censorship of legitimate code in the expansion of copyright liability.

Lawsuits are one thing, but they’re more often making surprise visits to people’s homes (whom they already know can’t afford lawyers), pressuring them into signing settlement agreements admitting guilt, while giving up the identities of others. These people may not have done anything wrong, but have no choice but to sign since they can’t afford lawyers.

Even more disturbing is their attack on consumers through the use of fake news! Hollywood lobbyists, calling themselves the Digital Citizens Alliance, recently hired a “security consultant” named Kurtis Minder to spread propaganda. Previous fake news stories warned consumers that their Kodi boxes could explode, and so on.

The Digital Citizens alliance is trying to brainwash consumers into believing that Kodi exposes them to malware. This narrative is absolutely false, in fact the opposite is true. Streaming through Kodi, rather than via streaming web sites, will help you avoid malware, cryptojacking and tracking.

To be clear, in the history of the Kodi addon community, only once has something happened which could possibly be constituted as malware. The developer of Exodus had been threatened by illegal IPTV sellers, and in reaction implemented bad code meant to act as a sort of DDoS attack against their illegal web site.

In that solitary incident, the developer quickly removed the code and apologized for his actions, but was nonetheless permanently banned from our platform. Damage to the end user was assessed as having been minimal to ni, with no permanent affects. Much worse occurs on a daily basis within apps distributed through the Google Play Store.

For the record, TV ADDONS protects its users, and user experience never comes second to anything. We take security very seriously, and continue to implement measures designed to allow us to efficiently mitigate attacks on users, should one ever arise.

We’ll leave you with Kurtis Minder fearmongering on Hollywood’s dollar in the video below, you’d think that at least one thing would have been “determined” before he started yapping…


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