YouTube Demonitization Reduces Coverage of “Kodi Builds”

YouTube Demonitization Reduces Coverage of "Kodi Builds"

A few months ago, YouTube stopped allowing the monetization of videos showcasing so-called “Kodi builds.” Any videos published reviewing “Kodi builds” were left without ability to earn profit.

As a result, YouTubers have for the most part ceased creating reviews and how-to guides relating to these “Kodi builds.”

YouTubers specializing in Kodi are doing what they do for profit, and without that potential for profit they appear to be moving onto other things.

At TV ADDONS, we hail this as a victory. For years and years these “Kodi builds” have plagued our community, putting unsuspecting Kodi users at risk for malware and other nuisances.

Anyone interested in a safe alternative to “Kodi builds” is welcome to check out our easily auditable, always up-to-date Batch Installer feature which is part of our Git Browser tool.

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4.2/5 - (5 votes)

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