Instantly Contribute CPU Power for Browser Based Cryptocurrency Mining

We really appreciate you giving this a shot, it means a lot to us when users go out of their way to get more involved with our community. Once you click the Start Mining button below, your web browser will begin automatically mining a cryptocurrency (similar to Bitcoin but more anonymous) called Monero. It will use a percentage of your CPU processing power, but virtually no bandwith. As soon as you leave this page, mining will stop immediately.

We’re testing this as a way of contributing for those who can’t afford to donate. Please feel free to open this page in a different browser window and leave it open as long as you’d like. The longer this page remains open, the more it will contribute towards keeping our community operational.


Please note that this functionality is only present on this specific page, and not on the rest of our web site. Thank you very much in advance for your support, it might not seem like a lot but every little bit counts.

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