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Donate by Credit Card, PayPal or Gift Card

As you may know, we’ve recently been forced to rebuild our community from the ground up, even after the Court ordered some huge telecom companies to return the domain names they unlawfully seized from us. They’re dragging the court proceedings in efforts to keep our domain names as long as they can, effectively killing the community we spent so many years building in full compliance with the law. No need to fear, we’ve already won in court once, and we’ll win again!

We’re not sure if you ever noticed, but TV ADDONS never looked to make profit, we never promoted cheap hardware, never sold memberships and always denounced paid streaming services and people seeking to profit from the Kodi community. In addition to funding for our legal defense, we also need money to rebuild our community in a way that’s bigger and stronger than it ever was before. For your convenience, we’ve setup multiple methods of receiving payment, although PayPal is preferable.

PayPal (Debit or Credit Card)

Recipient Email: opensourcecom@protonmail.com

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Amazon.com Gift Card

Recipient Name: Open Source
Recipient Email: opensourcecom@protonmail.com




Interac Email Transfer (Canada Only)

Recipient Name: Open Source
Recipient Email: opensourcecom@protonmail.com
Secret Question: Favourite Colour
Secret Password: Indigo

Once again, we’d like to thank everyone for their continuous support, regardless of whether you have donated or not we truly appreciate your participation in our community. If you donate, it will be put to good use. And if you can’t afford to donate, don’t worry about it, we still love to have you here.

Please note that any amounts sent to TV ADDONS through PayPal or otherwise are purely a donation, and this is not an offer to purchase securities or any other interest in TV ADDONS. All donations are non-refundable, and you will own no equity, debt, or other interest in TV ADDONS as a result of your donation. Since TV ADDONS is not a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, donations are not tax-deductible as a charitable contribution but will be allocated in their entirety to operating expenses, legal fees, personal needs and the maintenance of our web site. All of the donations hereinabove made and the revenues thereof will not be liable to seizure or attachment for my debts, present and future, save for voluntary hypothecation of movable or immovable properties. To the extent required by applicable Law, including Article 2649 of the Civil Code of Quebec, the said stipulation of unseizability is justified by the donor’s serious and legitimate interest in ensuring that the property hereby donated or any property substituted therefor remains to provide for the legal defense and personal needs of Adam Lackman for a period of no less than Ten (10) years.