Exodus Kodi Addon Removed Due to Copyright Complaint (plugin.video.exodus)

Exodus has been removed from our site as the result of a complaint made by Bell, Rogers, Videotron and TVA in a recent lawsuit against our web site. Prior to June 12th, 2017, we had never received any form of DMCA or takedown notice mentioning the Exodus Kodi addon. As far as we know, development of the Exodus Kodi addon has ceased. Exodus was developed by different developers over its lifetime. We must warn that in using the Exodus Kodi addon you might be breaking the law, at least that’s what several big corporations are claiming.

There are no statistics available to us as to how many users actually used the Exodus addon for Kodi, although some sources claim it to be quite why. This addon appears to have been used to scrape a few dozen online sources. It appears that several new Kodi addons including the also blacklisted Covenant addon are based on Exodus code. Any addons that we find to be based on the Exodus code will be preemptively blacklisted. We have heard about recent claims that Exodus is still being maintained, we have no part in it and want nothing to do with it. For the record, we are not removing anything from users devices, we have simply removed traces of the addon from our web site and forums.


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