Bell’s Plan to Censor the Canadian Internet Denied by the CRTC (FairPlay)

Bell's Plan to Censor the Canadian Internet Denied by the CRTC (FairPlay)

Bell is one of Canada’s biggest telecom companies. They’re part of an oligopoly which controls Canada’s access to communications…

Can you see how their could be a conflict of internet, when the same company which delivers your internet also owns the dying television service? They’ll do anything to avoid reporting losses to shareholders…

And oh ya, Bell is also the main aggressor in the attempts to destroy our platform last summer without trial. As a result, our founder already lost everything and still needs to represent himself when it comes time for a trial.

FairPlay is a coaliation spearheaded by Bell. They planned on creating a system to censor the internet at their will, without supervision of the courts.

Earlier today the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission shut down their plans, stating that they did not have jurisdiction over the matter. This was wonderful news, since it’s very rare that companies like Bell lose.

While this is good news, it’s not likely that Bell will give up this easily. It’s doubtful that this will be the end of FairPlay. Canadians must speak out to prevent censorship at all cost.

Want to F*ck Bell?

The best way to hit them is the only place their care, their pockets. Switch your internet to companies like TekSavvy or EBOX, and cut your bill in half. As for your TV, go with companies like Netflix, Amazon, Kodi, or USTVnow – platforms that actually care about their users.


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