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Win an Amazon Fire TV & Help Us Reclaim Our Lost Google Rankings This Week


Full disclosure: we run these contests not only to give back to the community, but because the social media shares and links are essential to us reclaiming our lost position in the search engines. When we started this site, we respected the rules and didn’t use the word Kodi in our site name. Since then however, dozens of blogs have popped up, using Kodi in their site names, thus unfairly killing our search engine rankings, even for our own addons!

We’re really trying hard to get back to normal rankings, but many of these profit seeking blogs are promoting paid services and box sellers, and therefore use blackhat SEO techniques to outrank us. This leads to users of our own addons not even being able to find our site through a simple Google search, it really isn’t fair to anyone. Participating in our contests gives you a chance of winning some great products, but also helps us in our search engine efforts.

tvaddons.co Amazon Fire TV Giveaway

This contest begins immediately and will end just before midnight in one week from today. We’d like to wish the best of luck to all participants!

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