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    Question Debrid & Add Ons.... Which Combination Provide the Best Results?

    Using Debrid provides the quality, however each Add On I have authorized with Debrid does not always offer the same quantity of streams. For example, One Add On may show 3 Debrid choices, while another gives a full page 12 or more. Does this depend on the Add On, or is it the content availability of that stream? Or is it that the particular Debrid Service has chosen a particular Add On for its always on connection?

    Basically I seek content in the highest quality... 1080 or 4K when available. And even though content may be marked as 5.1, that does not insure it was encoded as such for streaming. Is there a more elegant way to prove 5.1 on a Stream other to start every stream available and watch my A/V Display to confirm its 5.1 Dolby?

    So... is their a more proven method to find the content and quality one seeks without having to try every Add On and Stream in a build each time?

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    If you run a search on the same movie multiple times using the same addon, you may also get different results on every search. I believe it is simply the speed the addon can reach certain hosters. The speed may vary depending on the nodes it has to go through during the search.

    1080, 4k, 5.1 are all relative. You could actually get a better quality 720 streams then using a 4K depending on the bitrate. Same goes with sound, it may say 5.1 and may not be. Unfortunately, trying each streams might be the best way to figure out if it is true or not. Another way is to check the size of the file but not all addons/hosters will provide the file size.

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    Thanks Rob for your explanation, though I was hoping that selecting the "Best" Stream would have been a bit easier. It's still amazing to me what's available with a little effort, so hopefully the guys in the back room will figure out a way in the future to present the true, best quality streams in a Build without needing to audition multiple choices and vet each one...

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    There are 2-3 addons which all provide a top level source selection


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