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    Yeah its an opinion but one that lots of folks share... They are selling like hotcakes. I would prefer multiple ports as well kind of a pain to switch back and forth whenever I want to use a thumbdrive instead of my airmouse but its a sacrifice I'm willing to make for the official android tv os. at an affordable price.

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    I guess my viewing habits just don't dictate an upgrade in boxes. I use 3 firesticks and a firetv box, as well as my computer (it's actually for testing, setups, getting a look at a new app, that kinda thing). We like the Amazon stuff since we have been prime members forever. We have no buffering after careful setup, most stuff comes in 1080 and a few in 720, they are easy to use, setup, and maintain. We don't use them for anything else, no games, no need for usb ports, etc.

    I say all this because I hope people with firesticks don't think that their stick is not up to the task. Their stick will work very well if all they are doing is streaming movies and tv. And they are still cheaper than boxes mentioned above.

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    I just purchased a Jynxbox J912 4K and it's running 17.3 a lightning speed. I was using a Firestick and I have a Shield in another room (also really fast). I took a gamble on this J912 after I played with it at my friends house and I have been pleased so far. It's got a cool cloudword feature I had never seen before on other devices.

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